Idris Elba Tests Positive for COVID-19

Idris Elba Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Well things are pretty much turning to shit. Last week news had come out that beloved actor Tom Hanks had contracted the Coronavirus, and now Thor’s Idris Elba has come out online to say that he’s tested positive for COVID-19 as well.

Here’s his post:

If anything, Elba is doing his best to keep everyone calm, and says that he feels okay and has no symptoms for now. With misinformation actually contributing to the spread of the virus, it’s important to keep yourself informed so as to help keep everyone else—not just yourself—safe.

Going back to Hanks though, it’s also been said that him and his wife Rita Wilson have been released from the hospital. With countries on the lockdown though, Hanks and Wilson have opted to stay in a home they rented out in Australia.

For now, it certainly feels like we’re at the height of the outbreak. Everything is being cancelled right now from the NBA to the box office; and countries have been putting out strict rules to have everyone stay at home. Even offices are adapting to have their employees work remotely if they can. For now, I guess we should all be responsible for each other; wash your hands frequently, don’t hoard supplies, and keep yourself informed.

Everyone is hoping this blows over in the next few weeks, but we could be looking at months of quarantine. Fingers crossed everything goes back to normal in June.



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