Todd Phillips Announces Joker 2 With Joaquin Phoenix

Todd Phillips Announces Joker 2 With Joaquin Phoenix

Joker was a mega hit that nobody was expecting, and while the movie pretty much works on its own, there have been teases of a sequel here and there. Now director Todd Phillips has officially teased the script for Joker: Folie a Deux and he even has a photo of Joaquin Phoenix checking it out.

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Folie a Deux has no official translation to English, but its abstract meaning is that of an identical or similar mental disorder affecting two or more individuals, usually members of a close family’.

With Arthur Fleck being so hung up on father figures and his own family in the first movie, it could be no surprise that family is going to be another continuing theme when it comes to this sequel.

I imagine we could get this timeline’s version of Harley Quinn since we know that Joker in the first movie was looking for someone to be on his side; then again, we know that Joker’s real romance is with Batman, so maybe Phillips could be introducing his version of The Dark Knight in this film, but instead of focusing on Batman, we’re going to be following Joker’s point-of-view of the story.

There’s just so many exciting places for the film to go, and I’m hoping that WB actually gives Phillips the freedom to try and carve out his own original take on 80s Gotham. Bridges may have been burned with Zack Snyder, but there’s a lot of room for the DCEU to continue growing.



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