Thousands Gather in Argentina to Pay Tribute to the Late Akira Toriyama

Thousands Gather in Argentina to Pay Tribute to the Late Akira Toriyama

Mangaka Akira Toriyama is no doubt one of the most influential artists in modern pop-culture, being the man behind Dragon Ball. The world was shocked to learn that Toriyama-sensei had passed at the age of 68, and the people of Argentina have come to pay tribute.

Apparently, around 20,000 people had gathered at Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform a Spirit Bomb/Genki-Dama together for  Akira Toriyama. Check this out:

For context, the Genki-Dama is a move Goku does where he gathers energy from everyone around the world, and he releases a huge energy ball. In the show, several characters would raise their arms up to share their energy, and it’s implied that the audiences at home can also do the same when they raise their arms up as well.

Here was the official statement released announcing Toriyama’s passing:

For now, several people have been posting up their tributes to Akira Toriyama online. Though Dragon Ball may be Toriyama’s most popular work, he has also authored several other titles including Sand Land, Kajika, and Pink. His character design work has also made it into video games with the Dragon Quest series, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon.

We have yet to know what will happen to Toriyama’s remaining work, but fans are hoping that Toriyama has laid plans to point out where the characters should go moving forward.

His loss is definitely a devastating one for his fans, but Toriyama’s influence on pop-culture and art was always going to outlive all of us.


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