Set Photos Reveal First Look at Jared Leto in TRON: Ares

Set Photos Reveal First Look at Jared Leto in TRON: Ares

It’s been more than a decade since Disney released TRON: Legacy, but now they’e confidently pushing forward with TRON: Ares—starring Jared Leto of all people.

So far, we only have one official promo image for the movie, but now some set photos have revealed Leto in costume walking around a regular human city. Check this out:

Unlike the first two films which had humans go into the digital world of the Grid, Ares is said to reverse the story in that Leto is playing a sophisticated computer program (named Ares) and is sent into the human world.

We don’t know who exactly Ares works for, but fans have spotted a ‘Dillinger’ logo on his official promo image. In the original film, Dillinger was the primary human antagonist who was working with Master Control. Clu ended up being the villain of Legacy, but Dillinger was teased with a cameo appearance by Cillian Murphy playing his son.

With Legacy ending up with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) going into the real-world, it did feel like this was going to be the natural progression of the story; but only this time, they’ve changed the ISO characters with Ares.

Who knows, maybe Ares is a secret ISO who doesn’t know about his identity, but seeing as a lot of people did like Legacy (despite the poor critical response), maybe it would be great if we can get an update on Sam and Quorra and how they changed the Grid since the last film.

No official release date has been set for TRON: Ares, but Disney is aiming for a 2025 release date.


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