Rob McElhenney Teases Start of Production for Mythic Quest Season 4

Rob McElhenney Teases Start of Production for Mythic Quest Season 4

Apple TV shows may not get as much buzz as anything that comes out on Netflix or Disney+, but no doubt someone has probably told you how critically acclaimed they are—and one of them is the fantastic workplace comedy called Mythic Quest.

The last season had come out in 2022, and now star Rob McElhenney is teasing the start of production for Season 4. Check out his post:

Seeing that McElhenney has It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Welcome to Wrexham to work on, it was no surprise that he wasn’t able to participate in the production meetings for MQ, but we should probably expect Ian to get into more shenanigans. Here it looks like he’s wearing a classic roman toga, so that’s either some kind of cosplay event or some ridiculous activity that only rich people like Ian can participate in.

With MQ co-creator Megan Ganz having worked on series like Community and Modern Family, Mythic Quest definitely has a different vibe compared to the more raunchy shows by her co-creators Charlie Day and McElhenney.

That being said, the character dynamics are still great, and Community fans will love the experimental nature of some episodes—including the ‘standalone’ episodes that each season has. Even Craig Mazin (The Last of Us, Chernobyl) has a role in the series and even directs some episodes.

No release date has been set for Mythic Quest 4, but you can catch the first three seasons now on Apple TV+.


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