This is Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Hilarious Response to Spidey Staying in the MCU

This is Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Hilarious Response to Spidey Staying in the MCU

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Fans breathed a huge sigh of relief when news came out that Sony and Marvel have come to a new deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, and no one seems to be happier about it than Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. We know that the fans are all hyped, but Holland himself posted this on his IG after the news dropped:

Not only Holland is ecstatic about the news either. His co-star Zendaya also posted this on Twitter:

It really is a relief that Sony and Disney has come to an agreement, seeing as both studios had something to lose taking Spider-Man out of the MCU. With Iron Man and Captain America signing off after Avengers: Endgame, Marvel was in need of a new poster boy, and who better to fill that role than Tony Stark’s protégé Peter Parker?

If anything, the last two Spider-Man movies have made it so that Spider-Man’s entire character arc is deeply embedded in the MCU. Homecoming had a villain who had an origin tied with Iron Man and the first Avengers film, and Far from Home was all about Peter trying to fill Tony’s shoes. If the franchise had gone on without the MCU connections, a lot of established things will admittedly have to be dropped.

I’m just hoping that this collaboration could involve Marvel Studios more with Sony’s Spider-Verse. After the first Venom film, I really hope they make something that’s up to MCU standards. Better yet, they should just say Venom happened in an alternate universe and just reboot the character in the MCU with a Spider-Man related origin. Heck, they can use Tom Hardy again, just make it so Venom never happened.

Spider-Man 3 is set to come out July 16, 2021.


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