There May Still be Hope for Spider-Man’s Future in the MCU

There May Still be Hope for Spider-Man’s Future in the MCU

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The internet is currently going ballistic after news has come out that Sony has pulled away from their Marvel deal, making all future Spider-Man films without Marvel Studios. While a lot of fans are already going crazy over Sony’s move, there may still be hope.

As per io9, the negotiations between Sony and Disney are still ongoing, and it’s said that the reps for Sony believe this in an issue over producer credits. Nevertheless, we already have a good look of what would happen if Sony did back out of the deal, and it is not looking pretty for the fanbase.

According to Deadline, the big issue between Sony and Disney is that Disney wants to start co-financing the Spider-Man films 50/50 with Sony, but Sony wanted to keep the current arrangement in which Marvel Studios would receive 5% of first dollar gross. The two studios are yet to find a compromise, and if they don’t, then I guess Tom Holland’s final MCU film would be Spider-Man: Far from Home.

If it’s any consolation, Holland and director Jon Watts are still attached for two more Spider-Man films, albeit, it’s likely that they will not be part of the MCU any longer. I don’t know about you, but based on what we have on the SUMC so far, Sony has pretty much botched the Venom film; it’s a miracle how that movie was able to make so much money despite being a critical bomb. Who is even excited about a Morbius movie?

We don’t know what the future holds, but after the massive success of Spider-Man: Far from Home, it would seem ridiculous for Sony to suddenly cut ties with Marvel. After all, it’s Marvel’s treatment of the character that won audiences over; not just because the film is about Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is set for an extended re-release which comes out Aug. 29.


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