The Script for Free Guy 2 is Almost Done

The Script for Free Guy 2 is Almost Done

Shawn Levy’s Free Guy was a surprise hit when it (finally) came out after several delays. Naturally, 20th Century Studios wants to follow up Guy’s story with a sequel, and it looks like the script is almost done.

Talking to THR, 20th Century Studios head Steve Asbell confirmed, “We’re awaiting a script that is days away. It’s a fantastic story.” We didn’t get any more details than that, but hopefully we get a good follow-up to the story.

If anything, Free Guy works as its own self-contained story about video game characters gaining sentience. While the story kind of ties itself up on a neat bow, I think that there are several existential questions that have been left for the audience to ponder—which I think would be too deep if they decided to go that route with the sequel.

My guess would be that the sequel would have something to do with the internet, but that’s already been done by Disney with Ralph Breaks the Internet. Hopefully they manage to take that film as a learning experience and improve on what didn’t work for that film.

We don’t know when the Free Guy sequel comes out, but Levy did team up with Ryan Reynolds for the Netflix film, The Adam Project. That movie may not have rights to things like lightsabers or Captain America’s shield, but it does feature some actual actors from the MCU like Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana.

No release date has been set for Free Guy 2, but you can catch Reynolds in The Adam Project which starts streaming on Netflix on March 11.


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