Robert Pattinson Confirms One Batman Fan Theory

Robert Pattinson Confirms One Batman Fan Theory

The Batman is almost out in theaters, and a lot of theories have been going around on what direction Matt Reeves will take Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight. What’s cool is, Pattinson himself actually confirmed one theory about what drives his version of the character.

Vanity Fair brought up this question from a user TxC, which asks:

“Any superhero and anti-hero would drop Joker, Riddler, Penguin, etc. in a second, but Batman keeps them alive so he can continue putting them in jail.”

Pattinson then replied, “That is actually one of the things that I was really thinking. I think he keeps going after low-level criminals every night, and partially he’s wanting to relive the trauma of his past and rewriting history, ‘cause it’s otherwise—he’s not going after a corrupt president or something. He’s going after the same low-level kind of thugs that killed his parents. He almost keeps his parent alive by fighting in these alleyways.”

As someone who’s already seen the movie, I can definitely read that they are going a different direction when it comes to this Batman—in a sense that they are bringing him back to his superhero roots. I’d expound further, but that would actually risk spoiling the film for some.

So far everyone has been praising The Batman, but we’ve yet to get the opinion of the general public. Let’s not forget, a lot of critics praised Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but we know how protective and crazy some fans can get about their characters not coming out the way they want them. Hopefully that won’t be the case with Batman.

Catch Pattinson’s Dark Knight when The Batman finally hits theaters on March 4.


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