The Next Live-Action Pokemon Film Already in Development

The Next Live-Action Pokemon Film Already in Development

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A lot of people were worried about the reception of Detective Pikachu, but the film managed to charm audiences and kick-off a box office franchise for live-action Pokemon. Just in, word has it that Legendary is ready to bring us back to the world, but Ryan Reynolds possibly won’t be returning.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via Geek Vibes Nation), Legendary is already developing the next live-action Pokemon film. We don’t have any details on the movie yet, but it’s possible that it won’t be a sequel to Detective Pikachu, but rather a movie set in the same universe. It’s suggested that it could be a Red/Blue film, but for now, everyone’s guess is as good as mine.

While some Pokemon looked better than others, I think Detective Pikachu managed to establish a fleshed out world of pocket monsters that the Pokemon fanbase was already familiar with, while at the same time not feeling to exclusive that newcomers can also enjoy the film.

Admittedly the franchise is pretty kid-friendly, so I wouldn’t really expect any Zootopia levels of depth when it comes to these movies. If anything, the world of Pokemon doesn’t really prompt too much analysis since it’s a world that feeds on humans forcing their pets to fight each other. I think it’s still pretty enjoyable as long as you don’t scratch the surface too much.

We don’t know when this next Pokemon film is set to come out, but my guess is they want something to release by 2022. Hopefully we get an official announcement before the year ends.


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