New Clip from The Mandalorian 3 Features New Grogu Shenanigans

New Clip from The Mandalorian 3 Features New Grogu Shenanigans

February is already halfway through, and we’re getting closer to the premiere of the third season of The Mandalorian. Just in, a new clip from the series has leaked online via the app store, and it features Mando and Grogu talking to Greef Karga.

Check it out:

Besides Grogu doing all that he can to be adorable in the show, we also see that the planet of Navarro has been slowly getting better since the first season. When at first it seemed like the city was grey Tatooine, now we’re seeing more and more buildings, and it looks like Greef is living a better life now that the Empire is out of the way.

We don’t really know why the pair return to Navarro, but we do get some insight as to Din’s character and how he feels about Grogu coming back. Though we’d think that the story of Grogu ends with him going away with Luke, I’m kind of perplexed as to how his journey will continue by Mando’s side. Will he eventually get his own armor? Will he have to go around covering his face as well?

With the series following a ‘new-adventure-every-week’ format, I think there’s now room for the show to be a bit more serialized, especially with the tease of the reclamation of Mandalore. Of course, we’re going to be coming back to more familiar locations, but hopefully we’ll get a grander story out of the show this time.

The Mandalorian Season 3 returns to Disney+ on March 1.


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