WB Allegedly Working on Free Streaming Service

WB Allegedly Working on Free Streaming Service

It seems like every big studio has their own streaming service with Paramount+ and Disney+, and though HBO Max seems to have the rights to stream WB content, it seems that WB Discovery is going to try and make a platform of its own.

As per Bloomberg, WB is said to be working on its own free streaming service that will be supported by ads called WBTV. While we don’t have an official logo yet, we should expect a lot of their titles to make up the platform’s library like The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

Even with WB looking to make it out on their own, a lot of their content is said to be staying on HBO Max. We don’t know exactly what’s going to be on WBTV yet, but we should expect some of the bigger shows to be available, alongside some of the most popular properties, including DC titles.

Admittedly, the idea of an ad-supported, free streaming service isn’t entirely new, as we have platforms like Tubi and IMDbTV. I guess what WB has to its advantage is its high-value IP, which is certainly going to be a huge draw for users. Titles like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and of course, the DC movies are definitely going to turn heads should they find themselves in exclusive platforms.

Personally, I do miss the days where Netflix was the only big streaming platform which had all kinds of movies on it, but I guess the genie can’t be returned to the bottle once the big studios have opened it.

We don’t know when WBTV will launch, but I think a 2024 release could be realistic.


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