Preview for The Last of Us Finale Reveals Ellie’s Mother

Preview for The Last of Us Finale Reveals Ellie’s Mother

We never really got to meet Ellie’s mother in the games, but she’s going to be brought to life in the show with no one else but original Ellie’s actress Ashley Johnson.

Just in, we have the new preview for Episode 9, and it confirms that we’re going to see a pregnant Anna Williams being attacked by infected. Check this out:

Fans who have already played the game could piece together the some pieces from the final act of the story, but it seems that we’re going to be getting an extensive flashback featuring the circumstances of Ellie’s birth, as well as Marlene’s decision to have her sent to FEDRA’s military school.

So far, even the games have been mysterious when it comes to Ellie’s immunity, but maybe the show could go the extra mile and reveal what could have made Ellie immune. Did it have something to do with her mother getting infected during the pregnancy? I’m honestly not expecting answers, but maybe the show would be willing to explain something.

I didn’t think that the first season would be able to encapsulate the whole game, but they managed to cut through the David arc in one episode. Hopefully we get a satisfying finale, especially now that the series has established the closeness of Ellie and Joel. I wonder what they’ll have in store for Season 2?

Catch the finale of The Last of Us when it steams on HBO Max this Sunday.


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