Owen Wilson is a Troubled Bob Ross in Latest Trailer for Paint

Owen Wilson is a Troubled Bob Ross in Latest Trailer for Paint

MCU fans are excited for Owen Wilson to come back for the second season of Loki, but next month he’s going to be playing a fictional TV painter inspired by Bob Ross in the movie Paint.

Just in, we have a new trailer for Paint, and it has Wilson’s Carl Nargle going through a creative and existential crisis. Check this out:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Carl Nargle, a local treasure with a soothing whisper of a voice, has been hosting his own painting show on Vermont public television for decades. His art captivates and has attracted the attention of many women over the years, especially those who work at the station. But Carl is in a rut, and the station isn’t pulling in ratings. When a new painter is hired to revitalize the channel, Carl’s own fears regarding his talents as a painter are brought to the forefront.

The character of Wilson is pretty much inspired by Bob Ross, but instead of dying of Lymphoma in the 90s, it looks like his character is going to live long enough to see his own fame fizzle out (hence the line from the girl about riding an Uber).

With Bob Ross’ actual life ending near a pretty dark place, Paint looks to be taking his character and telling a story that’s more focused on painting as an art form, and how it manages to access ‘happy places’ for people.

Paint comes to cinemas on April 7.


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