The Continental Trailer Brings the Action of John Wick to the 70s

The Continental Trailer Brings the Action of John Wick to the 70s

We don’t know when the next John Wick film is going to release in cinemas, but they are obviously going to milk this franchise for what it’s worth, and the first spinoff, The Continental is set to release on Peacock this September.

Just in, we have a new trailer showcasing all the different kind of John Wick-esque action scene set in 1970s New York. Check this out:

The official synopsis reads:

The three-part event will explore the origin behind the iconic hotel-for-assassins centerpiece of the John Wick universe through the eyes and actions of a young Winston Scott, as he’s dragged into the Hell-scape of 1970’s New York City to face a past he thought he’d left behind. Winston charts a deadly course through the hotel’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing attempt to seize the hotel where he will eventually take his future throne.

Just in case you’ve forgotten who Winston Scott is in the John Wick movies, he’s the character played by Ian McShane who is running the Continental when we first meet him. The series will also have Ayomide Adegun playing a young Charon, the concierge at the Continental who was played by Lance Reddick.

Any fan of the Wick franchise knows that the story is mostly just there to justify how all the action takes place, and it seems that we can expect the same from the series. Based on what we see in the trailer, it looks like The Continental is going to be bringing together all these colorful assassins, and we’ll get to watch them duke it out in some crazy action setpieces.

What more could you want from a John Wick spinoff?

Watch out for The Continental: From the World of John Wick when it premieres on Peacock on Sept. 22.


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