Avatar: The Last Airbender Mobile Strategy Game Announced

Avatar: The Last Airbender Mobile Strategy Game Announced

It may be a while before we get some new Avatar material set in the world of The Last Airbender, but we do know that multiple projects are in the works including an animated film as well as a series that follows the Avatar after Korra.

According to Avatar News, a new mobile strategy game from Tilting Point and AN Games has been announced that will take place in the world of ATLA, but it’s unclear as to which era. The press release reads:

“The strategic mobile game will have players explore the Avatar world, interact with beloved characters and work together with other players to defeat a Barbarian Death Cult that worships an evil spirit set on dominating the world. Launching in 2024, the game’s official title and additional details will be announced in the coming months.”

Here’s also some key art that features characters from both The Last Airbender as well as The Legend of Korra:

via: Avatar News

We also don’t have a look at the gameplay of the new Airbender game yet, but players are said to be taking on the role of a leader who would be ‘building an army and community to restore balance in the Avatar world.’ Like every strategy game, we should expect to build cities, manage resources, and upgrade buildings. Players can also team up to manage resources and expand territories.

While fans think Avatar is really all about the benders and their abilities, I’m curious as to what a city-building strategy game could look like. Will it jump eras like Civilization? Or do we get to pick the era where specific avatars are active? I’m sure there are fans who would love to run around Avatar Wan’s world with the flying lion turtles.

Watch out for this Avatar strategy game when it launches sometime in 2024.


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