The Best Memes to Come Out of the Golden Globes 2024

The Best Memes to Come Out of the Golden Globes 2024

Whether you believe in awards shows or not, you can’t deny that the internet loves to watch celebrities goof off with one another and spread gossip all across the internet. With the Golden Globes just taking place over the weekend, here are some of the most buzzed about things coming out of the awards, from winners celebrating at In-n-Out to stars unwittingly creating the next hit gifs.

Jo Koy Bombing and Blaming the Writers

It was considered a huge win for the Filipinos when it was announced that stand-up comedian Jo Koy was going to be hosting the Golden Globes, but things immediately went flat when a bunch of his jokes didn’t land including a joke about Taylor Swift not having enough cameras on her and one about Barbie just being a movie about a ‘plastic doll with big boobs.’

What’s worse is that the moment that he started bombing, he suddenly started blaming the writers for the jokes, which a lot of people did not take as a class act. There’s even this photo of Jo Koy facing the entire audience that looked like they weren’t amused at any of his material that night:

Jennifer Lawrence’s Nomination Bit:

Speaking of bits that did land, Jennifer Lawrence does have this fun moment during her nomination that her fans absolutely ate up.

Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner PDA:

It’s also worth noting that the cameras were also rolling during commercial breaks, and this clip of Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner being very into each other had also started going around online.

This GIF of Selena Gomez Gossiping with Taylor Swift

Building up to that one about Chalamet and Jenner, there is also this clip of Selena Gomez dropping some tea on Taylor Swift, and it’s said to be her talking about how Jenner refused to let her take a picture with Chalamet.


Bradley Cooper’s Loss to Cillian Murphy

Bradley Cooper had acted his ass off on Maestro, and a lot of people were almost sure he was going to score a win, but after losing to Cillian Murphy on Oppenheimer, you can’t help but imagine what must be going through his head.

Paul Giamatti with His Emmy at an In-N-Out

The Golden Globes is considered to be a prestige event in Hollywood, so it’s always fun to watch actors bringing their fancy golden trophies to local fast food joints like The Holdovers winner Paul Giamatti at an In-N-Out with his trophy on the table.

A Happy Ben Affleck Running Up to See Matt Damon

For a guy that’s somehow been memed to death for looking depressed in public, it’s great to watch Ben Affleck actually happy to walk up to his childhood friend Matt Damon and share a laugh and a hug.

Barry Keoghan’s Bisexual Drip

No doubt Barry Keoghan absolutely became the avatar for toxic bisexuals thanks to Saltburn, and his look at the Golden Globes definitely harkened to that of nonbinary actor Emma D’arcy of House of the Dragon fame.

Bill Hader asking Taylor Swift for a Selfie

It’s no mystery that Bill Hader has daughters, and fans spotted this clip of Hader telling Swift that his daughters were huge fans of hers, to which she suggests they take a selfie together

Also… Bill Hader and Ali Wong are Dating???

Ali Wong had also made Golden Globes headlines when it was announced that she was divorcing her husband last year, so we should expect her to be dating around. What fans didn’t expect was, after she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress on Beef, Ali Wong immediately kissed Hader on camera—confirming that two are currently dating. Way to make a ‘public launch’ of their relationship.

Pedro Pascal and Andrew Scott Looking Like Gay Uncles

This was probably not planned, but the body language and matching outfits of Pascal and Scott immediately had people jumping on the fantasy that they were a gay couple–or just a couple of gays.

Kieran Culkin Tells Pedro Pascal to Suck It

Pedro Pascal has been having a phenomenal year with The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, so it was a surprise that it would be Succession’s Kieran Culkin to win Best Actor, and like a true Roman Roy moment, Culkin immediately tells Pascal to ‘Suck it,” on stage while holding his Golden Globe.

Like I said, you don’t have to be in the Golden Globes season for the winners and nominees, but it’s always fun to watch the creatives and actors kind of just mess around in one big pool of celebrities; it’s just waves of endless potential for internet gold.


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