Watch ‘Opening Look’ for Oppenheimer

Watch ‘Opening Look’ for Oppenheimer

Barbie may be at the top of everyone’s watchlist this week, but cinephiles all have their eyes on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, Oppenheimer. The film releases this Friday, and we have a new ‘Opening Look’ which gives us a good idea of how the movie is going to be framed.

Check this out:

Any Nolan fans knows that he likes playing around with the timeline of his films, and it looks like Oppenheimer is going to bIe pretty much the same. It looks like the black and white scenes take place after the invention of the bomb, and it will be used as a framing device to slowly uncover what happened at the Manhattan Project.

Despite all the marketing the movie has gone through, this is probably the most we’ve seen of the movie, since even the trailers have been pretty minimalistic when it comes to reveals. It pretty much sets up the kind of characters we’ll be meeting in the film, as well as the drama we can expect from a man that invents the ultimate weapon that would lead to the death of thousands.

As of now, the internet is gearing up for Barbenheimer, with a lot of fans thinking about watching both films on the same day, though Oppenheimer is expected to be a dark existential film, cinephiles suggest watching it first in the morning, and ending the day with a screening of the more bubbly and colorful Barbie.

Watch out for Oppenheimer when the film finally drops on July 21.


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