Jon Favreau to Direct The Mandalorian and Grogu Movie

Jon Favreau to Direct The Mandalorian and Grogu Movie

The last season of The Mandalorian feels like it’s closed the book on the story of Din and Grogu, and while we don’t have an update on Season 4 yet, Lucasfilm has just announced their next project with the Mando side of the franchise.

As per an official announcement, we’re getting The Mandalorian and Grogu as a theatrically released film, and it will be directed by Mando creator and Iron Man director Jon Favreau. Here’s the post:

Kennedy also told, “Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have ushered into Star Wars two new and beloved characters, and this new story is a perfect fit for the big screen.”

We don’t have any details on the movie yet, but we do know that Dave Filoni and Kathleen Kennedy are attached as producers; and with Filoni onboard, you can expect a lot of fanservice and callbacks to The Clone Wars and the Original Trilogy.

It has been said that the Disney+ shows like Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, and The Mandalorian were building up to something huge (like Avengers: Endgame-level huge), and this movie could very well be the start of it.

If anything, fans have started to get a bit skeptical about the Star Wars Disney+ shows, and it does feel like they are more content in just becoming ‘action figure commercials’ than having an actual interesting story. But with shows like Andor proving that Star Wars can still be interesting, maybe a Mando movie will manage to surprise everyone in theaters.

But do they really have to keep the title The Mandalorian and Grogu? How about The Mandalorians?

No release date has been announced for The Mandalorian and Grogu, but the movie is set to start filming later this year. You can catch three seasons of The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney+.


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