The 100 Season 5: Clarke and Bellamy Reunite in Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The 100 Season 5: Clarke and Bellamy Reunite in Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Now that the countdown to Christmas is over, it’s time to look forward to January and the eventual release of The 100‘s fifth season premiere (which has yet to be announced) come on Jason give us that trailer already!?!

The CW’s drama showrunner may not be keen on releasing the trailer before a premiere date is set, but at least he’s come out of the darkness of Twitter to stealthy tweet us some behind the scenes shots and giving us an early look at some of our favorites.

When we last left our survivors, there was a massive nuclear meltdown from all the power plants that had existed before A.L.I.E. decided to go all nuclear and destroy humankind with their warheads.  This left one group of survivors to seek safety in an underground bunker (we’re guessing this is how some grounders ancestors survived the first meltdown). The second set took off to the space station has run out of time to make it underground with their families. That left us Clark, who looked to have sacrificed herself for her friends, but alas she has what we know as Night Blood which means she can handle massive amounts of radiation. Add that to a time jump of 5-years and a colony of criminals finally waking up from hypersleep in space and we’re sure to get a season that’s going to entertain.

So while we wait for the inevitable trailer here’s the photos Rothenberg has blessed us with for now.


Update! Rothenberg keeps adding more photos so we’re going to add some more here.
The 100 Raven and Murphy Season 5
Raven looks like she’s thinking of something. We’re guessing this is probably from episode 1 and they realize they have to go back to earth.
The 100 Season 5 Photos
Clarke witnesses Octavia and Bellamy reunite. We wonder why she looks so worried? Any idea? Let us know in the comments.
Octavia and Bellamy Reunite
Rothenberg shared this second photo with fans of Clarke standing in the background of the Bellamy and Octavia reunion.
The 100 Season 5 Bellamy and Murphy
We’re not sure what’s going on here, but again we think this is probably episode 1. Murphy just looks irritated and Bellamy looks concerned?
Anyway we’ll keep updating as we get more photos and as soon as we get the trailer we’ll, of course, be sharing that, but if Jason Rothenberg’s tweets are any indication we won’t get it until January.

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Are you a “The 100” fan? If so let us know in the comments below and tell us who your favorite character is.





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