Telltale’s Batman: New Story & Combat Info, Coming in August

Telltale’s Batman: New Story & Combat Info, Coming in August

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In this week’s episode of DC All Access, new information about Batman: The Telltale Series is revealed. The featured interview seems to be from E3 last month, but still provides interesting details. It’s well known players should expect to play as Bruce Wayne just as much as Batman, an unprecedented feat. Being Batman is about the action. However, the “political drama” will unfold once control is taken of Bruce Wayne. This drama will be center stage, as choice will of course factor in heavily.

Telltale’s head of marketing, Richard Iggo, reiterates that their narrative is an original one. Batman is past the year one stage, and fully confident in himself and his role. This story depicts a Lieutenant James Gordon, a pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent, and the Bat’s first introduction to Catwoman. While it all sounds familiar, Iggo notes they’re “straying from canon quite a bit” to deliver interesting twists and turns.

Telltalte Batman and Catwoman

Also familiar is the variety of the Dark Knight’s gadgets, including detective mode, the Batmobile, and a drone. These elements are new to Telltale, and so is the combat they’re introducing. Perhaps the most jarring detail is the combo system. “Through successful execution of the quick time combat,” the player will have access to a set of finishing moves. Exactly how that will function remains to be seen, but it’s good to know the studio is stepping out of its comfort zone in a number of ways.

Another interesting bit of information is in regards to the release date, which has been further narrowed down. Since details began emerging at E3, it’s been stated the game will launch this summer, likely before school begins. Iggo confirms as much when he states the game is set to release in August. You can watch the interview in its entirety below, it starts at the 2:40 timestamp.

[youtube id=”DBy5CSu8vug”]

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