Avengers: Endgame Is Going To Mess With Your Emotions (Surprisingly Spoiler Free)

Endgame has an amazing slow burn, because that when THAT moment (and there are a couple of those) happens, everyone in the audience will immediately transport back to that age when they read their first Marvel comic or saw their first Marvel film/TV show, screaming with childlike glee cheering on the heroes and booing the villains.

Marvel ‘Family’ Featurette Gives Out A Lot of New Footage and Insight for Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers was admittedly an ambitious crossover event back in 2012, and six years later, Marvel is upping the ante by bringing over a decade of cinematic characters for Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel has just released a new ‘family’ featurette that has all the actors involved talking about working on the film, and how it was like to interact with characters they never would have run into in their individual franchises.