The Mushroom Kingdom Comes to Life in Clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Mushroom Kingdom Comes to Life in Clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Wahoo! After a fresh new trailer drop a week ago, the Game Awards has opted for Nintendo and Illumination Stidios to give a new look at the Super Mario Bros. Movie, and we have a new clip of Mario being introduced to the Mushroom Kingdom.

The clip basically teases how much of the original game they were able to squeeze into the film.  You can see the Mushroom people getting coins from boxes like Mario does, and the town is just filled with floating platforms and bricks which are also precariously placed. They even found a way to incorporate the Super Mario background music into the score.

Since Mario is a plumber, we also get to see him excited about the pipes in the world. Admittedly, he doesn’t fix those kinds of pipes, but the movie has managed to make them a means of travel for the Mushroom People—hence we get to see Mario travelling in them as well.

A lot of flak has been thrown at the film ever since they announced Chris Pratt was going to be Mario, but based on what we’ve seen, I think Illumination and Nintendo have built a film that both fans of the original and newcomers will love. I think the Mario franchise has managed to last so long with as minimal context as possible, so you have to hand it to the movie for actually adding some context to the film without it looking too silly.

Catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie when it hits cinemas on April 7, 2023.


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