Star Wars The Last Jedi Digital Release Coming Sooner than Expected

Star Wars The Last Jedi Digital Release Coming Sooner than Expected

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is hands down one of the most successful movies of 2017, and it had been out for more than a month before the hype started to die down. Now there’s an official release date for the movie to come out digitally, and it will come in exactly a month.

According to Star Wars News Net, the New Zealand iTunes page has listed the film’s digital release for March 14; the Blu-Ray/DVD release is rumored to be on March 27.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet

That release window is considered to be pretty early for the film, but some speculate that the reasoning for the early release is so that the marketing wouldn’t clash with that of Solo: A Star Wars Story. With fans having to wait for an entire year for Star Wars movies, it would certainly be tricky to market another Star Wars film so soon and emphasize that it’s different from The Last Jedi.

Personally, I was thinking that the release was going to come sometime in April. Justice League came out earlier, yet it’s still pending its home release for next month. Then again, the way the film was received, I have a feeling WB will want to fix out some kinks in the movie that will ensure that fans will take the bait.

Either way, I’m happy that TLJ is coming to home video so early. That way, all marketing could focus on the release of Solo come May 25.

The digital release for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set for March 14.


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