Full Cast Reveal for Star Wars: The Acolyte Revealed

Full Cast Reveal for Star Wars: The Acolyte Revealed

We’ve been getting small updates on The Acolyte every few weeks ever since Amandla Stenberg was cast, with actors like Lee Jung-jae and Manny Jacinto joining the fray. Now we have the full cast list, and some people are surprised by the inclusion of one Trinity from The Matrix.

In an official announcement marking the beginning of production for The Acolyte, it’s been revealed that Carrie-Anne Moss has joined the cast. No details have been revealed about who anyone is playing, but I can already imagine Moss as an early Sith master or maybe a leader of the Night Sisters from that era. Either way, she’s a great talent and a fine addition to the cast.

While no official breakdown of the story has been revealed, rumors are going around that it will focus on a former padawan reuniting with their master to solve a series of murders. We know that the Sith were generally considered extinct when the Prequel era starts, so maybe we could be looking at the order’s beginnings.

Though I can see Stenberg’s character playing both sides of the force, I really want to see Lee Jung-jae play some kind of Jedi. With his character in Squid Game being kind of a deadbeat, I would like to see some kind of jaded Jedi investigator who suddenly finds himself in the middle of some kind of conspiracy.

No release date has been set for The Acolyte yet, but you can catch Andor now screening on Disney+.


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