Netflix Reveals Title for Stranger Things S05 Premiere Episode

Netflix Reveals Title for Stranger Things S05 Premiere Episode

The last season of Stranger Things had ended on a major cliffhanger, but we’ll have to wait until 2024 to see what’s going to happen to the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. Since it’s Stranger Things Day, Netflix has decided to tease us with the title of the premiere episode of Stranger Things 5.

As per the official post, the first episode of the season will be titled The Crawl. Check this out:

We don’t really know what ‘The Crawl’ means yet, but the show has been notorious for these ambiguous episode titles—that’s why they can always reveal them before the season premieres. With a significant amount of the town going under, I wonder just what the title entails for the characters. Will someone have to crawl through some tight area to save a bunch of trapped people? Will the Upside Down slowly ‘crawl’ its way up to the real world?

With a majority of the last season consisting of the characters separated and going through their own arcs, I’m hoping that the final season will have everyone together this time around. Besides the exciting mysteries, a lot of fans think the winning formula of Stranger Things has always been the character chemistry, and I’m eager to see what Mike and his gang will be up to, now that they’re a bit more grown and the problems have just gotten way out of proportion.

Stranger Things 5 is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2024.


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