Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Add Mandalorian Characters

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Add Mandalorian Characters

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Though Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has mostly been focused on staying on the Sequel Trilogy side of things, it look like the success of Disney+’s The Mandalorian is going to introduce some changes to the park expansion.

According to The Disney Dish podcast’s Jim Hill (via The Direct), characters from The Mandalorian like Din Djarin, Ahsoka Tano, and Boba Fett are going to be making their way into the park to interact with guests. Here’s the quote:

“We should anticipate seeing meet-and-greet opportunities with Mando and the Child, likewise Boba Fett will start making appearances, also Ahsoka Tano…”

Hill suggests that the changes are made to try and up the park’s vistors—which had been absolutely dismal thanks to COVID-19. With The Mandalorian existing in a timeline roughly 30 years older than the Sequel Trilogy though (and Disney wanting the experience on the park to be canon), Hill speculates:

“Kylo Ren does exist in (The Mandalorian’s) universe – he may be four years old – but he does exist. And the thinking right now is, yes, last year guests were excited thereabouts to have Kylo Ren and Rey walking around in Galaxy’s Edge, but in a situation like this where if they were to do something like, say, have Kylo Ren’s shuttle disappear and suddenly the Razor Crest is sitting there parked, that would go from ‘oh that’s interesting’ to ‘holy cow, where’s the line, how do I get my picture taken with the Child’?”

With the story of Star Wars spanning multiple generations, it would be interesting if Galaxy’s Edge managed to change eras every couple of months. Maybe they can switch from Prequel, Original, and Sequel Trilogy eras in a year. How amazing would it be to walk around with clone troopers one month, then classic stormtroopers the next? I guess it would be hard to try and change the attractions every few months, but I guess it would really help with the experience.

Then again, that’s just my suggestion.

No changes have been confirmed officially as of now, but you can check out The Mandalorian now on Disney+.


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