Star Wars Novelist Hated The Last Jedi; Wrote a Sequel Where Rey is Part-Droid

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We all know that a vocal chunk of the Star Wars fandom hated The Last Jedi, but it’s kind of different when someone who’s actually worked on the franchise shows their dislike for it. Enter novelist Alan Dean Foster, who had written the novelization of the first Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, and the Legends book, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, and says he ‘hated’ Rian Johnson’s TLJ.

Talking to Midnight’s Edge, Foster explains how he had written a treatment attempting to ret-con The Last Jedi. He says:

“Episode VIII was out, it was a done deal. And I went and saw it, and I thought it was a terrible film. I thought it was a terrible Star Wars movie, and there’s no need to go into why because every fan already has… I thought, ‘How can this be retconned? How can we fix as much as possible from Episode VIII in a proposed Episode IX?’ And I wrote a partial treatment for that, attempting in that storyline to explain a lot of the really silly things that happened in Episode VIII.”

The treatment was apparently supposed to explain how Rey got so powerful so quick, and Foster says that in his version that she was part droid; with an implant in her brain installed in Jakku making her learn faster than an average human.

There are a lot of other retcons in the treatment with Rey having a romance with Finn, and Luke Skywalker dying in Rey’s arms while saying “Aunt Beru”. I have to say, it’s pretty terrible, and a lot of people online also seem to think so.

If anything, Foster is just one of a thousand more angry Luke-worshippers, and I’m still very pleased we got a very thoughtful movie like The Last Jedi. Fingers crossed Rian Johnson comes back to Star Wars in the future, and Disney decides the franchise is more than just fanservice.

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