Star Wars Fans Celebrate Daisy Ridley’s SocMed Return

We know that Star Wars fandoms can get toxic; and they can get so relentless that Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran had to leave social media just to get away from the harassment. Now Ridley is back on Instagram, and fans can’t help but be happy for her.

Here’s her post:


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We don’t really know how active she’s going to be on the platform, but it’s great to see that she once again has an avenue where she has a chance to get close to fans. With Mark Hamill being so active in social media, it’s only right that fans of the Sequel Trilogy should get to connect to their hero as well.

For now, ‘Daisy Ridley’ is trending on Twitter, and fans are posting:

Of course, there’s no real way that you can get rid of toxic fans. I’m sure there are still a bunch of nuts sending toxicity Ridley’s way, but hopefully she prepared for it. What are the odds that she got advice from Rian Johnson? That guy has just been so optimistic on Twitter, it’s not like there are entire troll armies out there who are just continually bashing on him for making The Last Jedi.

We don’t know what’s next for Ridley now, but hopefully she has more roles for herself down the line. With The Rise of Skywalker far behind her, I hope she makes a return in the future, but for now, she’ll have to make do with cameo appearances like in Netflix’s The Bubble.


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