Star Wars: Diego Luna on How He Avoids Spoiling Disney+’s Cassian Andor

Star Wars: Diego Luna on How He Avoids Spoiling Disney+’s Cassian Andor

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It’s no mystery that Disney is keeping a very tight lid on their Star Wars and Marvel properties, and we’ve heard a lot of stories about the horrors of non-disclosure agreements. Rogue One star Diego Luna is set to spotlight in his own Star Wars series for Disney+, and he reveals his little technique when it comes to avoiding spoilers.

Talking to Indiewire, Luna explains that he just likes to joke about the series in order to avoid spoiling anything. He says, “I love making jokes about this because I can’t really talk. So what I do is, I joke about it, hoping no one takes me seriously…”

Though Luna can’t say anything about the details, he does add:

“But the thing I can tell you, which I think is a nice challenge, it’s a good way to approach a show is… What happens when you already know the ending, you know? Then you have to find everything in how you tell the story. How many layers you can find, you know, like this can’t be a show where at the end we surprise you…”

Though Cassian Andor is going to be another prequel, there are still a lot of things to be excited about it. I, for one, really love the stories of the non-Force users, so this series should be right down my alley. Besides Cassian, we’re going to be seeing the early days of the Rebellion, and maybe we can see some of the transition of the Republic to the Empire as well. Hopefully we get to some more cameos like Mon Mothma, or maybe even more bounty hunters. There’s also some hope that Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka will make an appearance.

Disney+’s Cassian Andor series is set to come out sometime in 2021.



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