Star Wars: Chris Terrio has Never Rewritten a Film as Much as TROS

Star Wars: Chris Terrio has Never Rewritten a Film as Much as TROS

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Ever since the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a lot of fans have been going around online trying to figure out what exactly went wrong behind the scenes. The home release has led to a lot of new revelations about the movie, and co-writer Chris Terrio has opened up about the writing process of the film.

Talking to Business Insider, Terrio explained:

“I’ve never rewritten a film as much as this one. It’s like a tide. There’s a new script every morning. But we just keep going at it and going at it, loosely thinking that it’s not good enough. It’s never good enough.”

‘Never good enough’ is right, especially when it comes to Star Wars fans. The way the fandom is, you can always try to come up with something that you think people would like, but there will always be people who would be against it; and what’s terrible is that these toxic fans are usually the ones that make most noise and get most attention.

Personally, I would have loved it if Disney just ignored the bashing from The Last Jedi and made Abrams focus on telling a story that was meaningful more than fanservice-y. As a result of trying to please everyone, we got a jumbled mess of a film that pleased no one.

With the Star Wars taking a hiatus, I’m hoping that Lucasfilm finds a direction that would steer the franchise into a more meaningful direction. Sure fanservice is fine, but it shouldn’t dictate the direction of a film.

For now, the next Star Wars film is set to come out in 2022.



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