Star Wars: Andy Serkis Gives Hope that Snoke’s Backstory Will Be Revealed

Star Wars: Andy Serkis Gives Hope that Snoke’s Backstory Will Be Revealed

One of the most hyped up characters for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was Supreme Leader Snoke; everyone was waiting for his backstory to be revealed at some point in the sequel trilogy, but director Rian Johnson opted to have him killed during the end of the second act. Andy Serkis, who plays Snoke, opens up about the character and gives hope that his story could still be revealed somewhere down the line.

Talking to Screen Crush, Serkis explains:

“We did, yeah. We’ve talked about it. We wanted to keep it a mystery and, you know by the way, it is Star Wars so who knows what might happen. Without giving anything away.”

So far, the most that people get from Snoke’s story is the fact that he wears an Obsidian ring that signifies that he dabbles in Dark Side experiments. Besides that, it’s a mystery.

A lot of outrage was coming from the fans demanding that the movie should have explained more about Snoke, but they forget that the Emperor from Return of the Jedi was a complete mystery until the prequels came out years later. Back then people were just content to have a villain that was evil and had Dark Side powers without having their story explained.

Personally, I’m fine whatever they decide to do with or without Snoke. I’m good if they forget his backstory for Episode IX, but I would also be happy if his origin is explained at some point as well. After all, the real focus of Star Wars is about Kylo Ren and Rey. Snoke was just an obstacle for Kylo to overcome.

For now, we should just wait for Star Wars Episode IX which is set to come out Dec. 20, 2019.


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