Star Trek 4: Zachary Quinto Still Very Eager to Return

Star Trek 4: Zachary Quinto Still Very Eager to Return

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A lot of movie fans have been waiting on news for the next Star Trek film, and the latest is that the movie has been shelved due to a falling out with Chris Pine. Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock on the show, is trying to remain optimistic about a return to the Kelvin timeline.

Talking to /Film about a possible return, Quinto explains:

“I would love to. I feel like it’s been an anchor of my creative life for the last over 10 years now so if I can go back to it, I’ll always be happy to. I love my Star Trek family so we’ll see how it goes.”

As for current plans though, it really looks like Trek 4 has undergone a hiatus. Quinto said:

“I mean, it’s been a broad conversation that we’ve been having for a while in terms of what’s the future of the franchise. It’s in process so I don’t know exactly what to say other than there’s no plans for a movie happening at this moment.

Though Star Trek Beyond is by no means a bad film, the movie did underperform in the box office leading Paramount to reconsider the future of the franchise. The film once again picked up some steam when it was announced that Quentin Tarantino was getting involved, but for now, he’s busy working on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Maybe once Tarantino is done with his current project, he’ll get to pump some fire back into Star Trek 4, but as of now, it looks like we shouldn’t be holding our breaths for some big update.

No release date has been set for Star Trek 4.


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