Star Trek 4 has been Shelved by Paramount

Star Trek 4 has been Shelved by Paramount

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Star Trek Beyond may have underperformed in the box office, but a lot of fans were eager to see what was next in store for the crew of the Kelvin timeline. Bad news is, it looks like Paramount Pictures has put a hold on Trek 4.

According to Deadline, SJ Clarkson was originally hired to direct the fourth Trek film, but she has since been tapped to work on HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff, prompting Paramount to shelve Trek 4.

As a fan of the reboot, I’m convinced that this is just a minor hiccup when it comes to the Trek franchise. Director Quentin Tarantino has expressed his interest in developing a Trek movie, and it’s possible that he could start work on that film when he wraps up Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

J.J. Abrams is also currently busy working on Star Wars Episode IX, but I imagine he could get back on Trek the moment that project is officially off his plate.

Star Trek Beyond was in no means a bad film. If anything, it was a huge improvement on Into Darkness. I don’t really know what the root cause of the delay is, but I’m hoping that they could get back on the movie sooner rather than later. There were rumors going around that a time travel story was in the works, and I can’t help but think that the last film was building up to some kind of team-up between Kirk and his dad (played by Chris Hemsworth).

No release date has been announced for Star Trek 4.


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