Squid Game Creator Developing Meta-Comedy about the Series’ Success

Squid Game Creator Developing Meta-Comedy about the Series’ Success

Nobody could have predicted the massive success of Netflix’s Squid Game last year, but creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is already preparing for the sequel. There must be an intense amount of pressure to deliver with a second season, and funnily enough, Hwang has decided to develop a show about it.

According to Deadline, Hwang is now working on a series called The Best Show on the Planet which will be reflection of his overnight success with Squid Game. The how is still in the very early stages of development, and is just another project under Hwang’s belt besides the second season of Squid Game and a movie based on a novel from author Umberto Eco.

Though you can imagine the relief of Hwang that Squid Game was such a huge hit, he sounds like he’s on an enormous amount of pressure to deliver with the sequel. “Season 1’s success has given me an immense amount of pressure and I am having nightmares about the reception for Season 2 not being so good,” he says.

I have to say, Squid Game isn’t the perfect show, but Hwang was able to make the story pretty engaging, despite its clear inspiration from Battle Royale. There are a lot of plot elements that don’t make sense, but there’s just so much tension and drama between characters and the games that you can’t help but binge through the whole thing.

You also have to commend the simplicity of the aesthetics where the Netflix series was able to make the show as dynamic as it was with just a select number of sets. The simple costumes and colors have also managed to stand out, and we can expect years of people just cosplaying in green and pink jumpsuits with circle/triangle/square masks.

No release date has been set for The Best Show on the Planet, but Squid Game 2 is said to be aiming for a 2024 release.


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