A Closer Look at the Stealth Suit from Spider-Man: Far from Home

A Closer Look at the Stealth Suit from Spider-Man: Far from Home

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Thanks to some set photos, we know that Spider-Man will be getting a black suit to wear in Spider-Man: Far from Home. We now have a closer look at Spidey’s new duds, and the armor looks like he got it from SHIELD.

Check it out:


I was initially guessing that this was a take on Spider-Man’s symbiote outfit when early videos came out, but now it looks a lot closer to Spider-Man Noir. If you look at the body armor, you’ll also see a circle on it which I’m guessing is supposed to be a SHIELD logo.

If anything, this might serve as a precursor to the all-black outfit that Peter gets when he is fused with the symbiote. My theory is that this will be the suit that Spider-Man goes public in, the symbiote sees it (somehow), then ditches Eddie Brock to fuse with Spider-Man. Brock will then want the suit back, Peter realizes it’s evil, then he’ll go on an all-out bout with Venom.

That’s just my guess anyway. Things could go very differently once the movie comes out.

Yesterday we got images of Spidey going up against Mysterio, and it looks like they’ll be duking it out in some sort of carnival. We don’t really know what point of the movie that’s going to be in, but I’m hoping that Mysterio sticks around by the end of the film so we could eventually get a team-up of the Sinister Six in the third movie.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 5, 2019.



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