Spider-Man Far from Home: A Close-Up Look at Spidey’s Noir-Inspired Stealth Suit

Spider-Man Far from Home: A Close-Up Look at Spidey’s Noir-Inspired Stealth Suit

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With every Marvel movie comes costume changes for their heroes, and Spider-Man is no exception. Some set photos have teased a black ‘stealth’ suit for Peter Parker, and thanks to a display at CCXP 2018, we have a good look at the costume.

The suit had appeared in set photos that have leaked months before, but now we can really see the inspiration from Spider-Man Noir’s design. It’s not as streamlined as the Stark suit, but it does seem a notch higher than Peter’s homemade suit from the first film.

My guess is that this suit actually comes from SHIELD, and that blank circle on the chest was supposed to have the SHIELD logo on it. We know that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are appearing in this film, and it’s possible that they end up recruiting Spider-Man to help them track down Mysterio.

Looking at the goggles too, it seems that Peter had taken the mechanical eyes from the Stark suit and have found a way to mount them on this one. Has the suit been broken or hacked? I guess this stealth suit will have to be an option if that one ends up compromised by Mysterio. Without the Stark suit though, I wonder what happens to the suit’s AI, Karen?

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home is expected to drop this Saturday, and hopefully we get to see all the new suits that come into the film. I’d hate to say good-bye to the classic blue and red, but Marvel has some toys to sell next year. Besides, the red and black one is starting to grow on me.

Spider-Man: Far from Home comes out July 5, 2019.


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