Sonic the Hedgehog: Paramount KNEW Fans would Hate the Original Design

Sonic the Hedgehog: Paramount KNEW Fans would Hate the Original Design

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Back when the first teaser for Sonic the Hedgehog came out, the internet had collectively thrown a fit at the look of ‘realistic’ Sonic. While Paramount had now released a fully redesigned Sonic that made fans breathe a sigh of relief, some news has come out that the studio knew that fans would hate the initial look from the get-go.

Spanish fan site Sonic Team Argentina (via Tails’ Channel) was able to talk to animator Max Schneider about the animation process behind the film. Schneider had revealed that Paramount was aware that fans would hate the redesign, but were confident that the general audience would be fine with it. Apparently, this was drawing from experience with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise, where fans of the OG turtles hated the new look, but general audiences grew to love them eventually.

Bad news was, everyone hated the look of Sonic, and a meeting was held with SEGA that lead to the decision to delay the movie.

As it turns out, Paramount didn’t end up spending too much on the redesign, seeing that the only finished footage was the one we saw in the first trailer. Animators were also not forced to rush their work (also known as crunching), and were said to go on about the redesign in their usual pace.

This is sure good news for some fans who were worried that the redesign would result in the abuse of the animators behind the film, but as it turns out, everything went smoothly behind the scenes.

Now everyone is excited for Sonic the Hedgehog, and a lot of people can’t wait to check out the film when it hits theaters Feb. 14, 2020.


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