Check Out 3 Generations of “Bad Mutha#%*!as” As Son Of Shaft Begins Filming

Check Out 3 Generations of “Bad Mutha#%*!as” As Son Of Shaft Begins Filming

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Fans of Shaft we’re happy to let you know that production on Son of Shaft has officially begun and to celebrate, Isaac Hayes’ son posted a picture of himself along with Richard Roundtree, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jessie Usher.

This particular Shaft project has been in development for years now, and then last year they finally made announcment that Tim Story would be directing the new project that Roundtree and Jackson were both returning to the movie. Joining the movie is new coming Jessie T. Usder who is set to play a major role.

Tim Story has spoken about the movie a few times over the last year and he promises that the movie will not be just a straight up action movie this time around. Instead, the movie will focus more on the comedic aspect of Shaft, which is something that fans have been waiting for.  And now 3 generations will unite for Son of Shaft.

 Shaft’s had a long history of success. It first start with the iconic role of Detective John Shaft in the 1971 movie, at that time Shaft was played by Richard Roundtree. The movie was followed by two sequels and a short lived tv series. In 2000 Samuel Jackson then jumped into the role of Shafts nephew and it of course co-starred RIchard Roundtree and became a box office hit. The movie itself made over $100 million on a budget of $46 million. Though, that seemed to be the end for the Shaft franchise at least until now.

Personally we’re pretty excited to see Shaft finally getting it’s comeback and we’re really excited Samuel L. Jackson is back you just can’t do Shaft without him. In the mean time Son of Shaft is set for a June 2019 release. Will you be checking it out?


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