Someone Made A Full-Sized Lego Lord of The Rings Pinball Machine And It Is Glorious

Someone Made A Full-Sized Lego Lord of The Rings Pinball Machine And It Is Glorious

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A very motivated toy maker by the name of Vladimir van Hoek created a full-size working Lego Lord of the Rings pinball machine.


According to the creator’s webpage, the pinball machine is fully playable and is one solid construction. In his write up he states “This pinball machine is not modular, but one, solid construction. That was new for me. And I did not like it one bit. I operate under a first-time-right regime and I will painstakingly avoid taking things apart and re-building it better, and this makes construction slow.”

We only imagine the dedication it takes to create something this magnificent. The total Lego count is unknown, but he did offer some close up photos of this creation in which you can view a ring-less Gollum, menacing orcs guard Mount Doom, and we do believe that is Smaug flying overhead? The only thing that doesn’t work on this is the scoreboard, but everything else does work, which is incredible. Lego if you’re listening you should either hire this guy or start selling pinball machines like this, after all if people are willing to pay 100’s of dollars for exclusive movie Lego sets than why not a pinball machine?

Lego Lord of the Rings Pinball

Lord of The Rings Pinball Lego Lord of the Rings Pinball

Lego Lordof the Rings Pinball


Anyway congrats to Vladimir he’s a hero among men. Can you remember the last time you dedicated yourself to something like this? Do you think you’d even ever take the time to build a Lego pinball machine? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Vladimir/Moc-Pages


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