Solo: A Star Wars Story Stumbles on its Opening Weekend

Solo: A Star Wars Story Stumbles on its Opening Weekend

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Analysts expected Solo: A Star Wars Story to earn upwards of $100 million during its opening weekend. However, it seems like movie is actually struggling to hit that goal. The movie made less than half the opening of Deadpool 2 and is also struggling to get audiences overseas.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, last weekend saw Solo earn only $83.3 million in the domestic box office which is less than the original projection of $101 million. Overseas, the movie earned a dismall $10 million in China with the global bow estimated at $148.3 million.

Everyone is scratching their heads as to why Solo is underperforming in the box office. Coming out so close to the release of The Last Jedi, everyone is blaming the outcome to franchise fatigue. Others think that this is because of the film releasing only a week after Deadpool 2. After all, there’s only so much one can spend on the movies.

There are plenty of reasons that the film could underperform, from lack of marketing to poor reviews from critics, but some fans are still hopeful that the movie will bounce back over time.

Personally, I immensely enjoyed the film. After the heavy catharsis that was brought on by The Last Jedi, Solo was the light-hearted adventure romp that the fans sorely needed. Sure, some fans say that the movie wasn’t “necessary,” but it’s a great sampler for potential movies that Lucasfilm can explore that don’t have the fate of the galaxy in the balance.

My advice? Don’t immediately trust what critics say, and check the movie out for yourself.

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