Solo: A Star Wars Story Officially Completed

Solo: A Star Wars Story Officially Completed

Ron Howard has come back with teases behind the scenes with Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that looks like it’s all about to end soon, as he has confirmed that the film has officially been completed.

He announces on Twitter:

That’s a wrap on post production! #Solo @HanSoloStory #SkywalkerRanch Wow. What a movie-making adventure it’s been! Thanks to a terrific cast & extraordinary folks behind the camera as well. You’ve worked so hard to fully realize this cool story. Hope fans have a blast! #May25

Though some fans think it would be odd that Howard would announce the completion of the film so close to the release, a lot of people have to see the rollercoaster of drama that was the troubled production of Solo; what with the original directors being fired so deep into production, and Howard having to put the movie together without the release date being moved.

It was even said that Howard had taken over so efficiently for Solo that Lucasfilm even allowed him to shoot more material than what was originally intended. Hopefully we still get the movie that Lucasfilm was planning to bring to the cinema with Larry Kasdan’s original script.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25.



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