She-Ra Fans Demanding Netflix Develop A  Movie

She-Ra Fans Demanding Netflix Develop A Movie

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After five seasons, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power have finally come to an end; but even if the story of Adora is ended, fans are now demanding that the streaming service release a full movie.

The hashtag #SheRaMovie had gone trending on Twitter with over 100k tweets, and even showrunner Noelle Stevenson shared this screenshot:

We don’t know if Netflix will eventually budge with this She-Ra film, but having more than 100k tweets about it should definitely spark some interest—I mean, those are Snyder Cut numbers. It would probably be in the best interest of the series to come out with a film.

With all the different He-Man projects in the works, I think it would be great if they managed to make some kind of crossover movie. After all, She-Ra did come from He-Man lore, and it would make sense for the worlds to collide at some point. Maybe they can even introduce this new He-Man in the She-Ra film, but I think at this point, the He-Man series is already deep into development. Like I said, I think a crossover is the best option at this point.

If I could have one gripe though, I hope that the movie really ups the ante when it comes to animation. I always thought that the animation style of the new She-Ra is its weakest point, and it would be great if the movie gave us something more fluid and visually arresting.

It’s just my opinion though.

For now, you can check out She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix.


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