Stranger Things Director Shawn Levy in Talks to Helm Star Wars

Stranger Things Director Shawn Levy in Talks to Helm Star Wars

Director Shawn Levy has been considered a modern-day Chris Columbus, making family-friendly action adventures from Night at the Museum to Stranger Things. Now it looks like he could be working on one of the most valued movie IPs of all time.

As per Deadline, Levy is currently in talks to develop a Star Wars movie for Lucasfilm. We have no details about the film he could be working on, but it’s said that he’ll get to work on it after Deadpool 3 and the final season of Stranger Things.

This must come as a huge opportunity for Levy who has laced his previous works with Star Wars references like the Falcon in Stranger Things and the pseudo-lightsaber in The Adam Project. I expect he would be the prefect talent to deliver a Star Wars film that has a solid story and is also a fun adventure for kids and their parents. I’m just hoping working on two big franchises won’t have him burnt out by the time he’s set to work on Star Wars.

I guess one question that a lot of people will have is whether Levy will be bringing in his frequent collaborator Ryan Reynolds. With Star Wars a franchise that kind of doesn’t depend on popularity of actors, I can imagine them putting Reynolds in some kind of alien get-up as a fun cameo. I think he would be a fun smuggler character like Han Solo.

For now, watch out for Deadpool 3 which is set to come out Nov. 8, 2024.


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