Samuel L. Jackson Asked Bryce Dallas Howard About a Star Wars Comeback

Samuel L. Jackson Asked Bryce Dallas Howard About a Star Wars Comeback

Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu was a fan favorite that came out of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and Jackson has been trying through the years to come back to a galaxy far far away. As it turns out, he actually asked Mandalorian director Bryce Dallas Howard to bring him back to Star Wars somehow.

Talking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Jackson was asked about any Star Wars return down the line, and he revealed that he had talked to Howard while they were shooting a movie:

 “I asked. I asked — the only person I’ve ever said that to, about coming back, was Bryce Dallas Howard, ’cause I just did a movie with her, and she directs episodes of ‘The Mandalorian,’” he said. “Said, ‘So you think you might be able to hook a brother up? I mean, you like me, right?’ She’s like, ‘I love you, you’re amazing!’ ‘So put me back in! Put me in coach, I’m ready! I’ll learn to lightsaber left handed. Come on.’”

Jackson had also pointed out, “There’s a huge history of people with one hand returning in ‘Star Wars,’”.

While I love the character of Mace Windu, I think his death serves a good purpose for the story overall, and it would just ruin it if he somehow comes back alive. Just look at the reactions to The Rise of Skywalker when they decided to bring back Palpatine.

Though I am not up for Mace coming back to life, I would be happy with a prequel. Maybe they can have Jackson de-aged like they did with Captain Marvel? I would be fine following the early years of Mace Windu as a Jedi padawan.

For now, fans wait for Obi-Wan Kenobi to come to Disney+ on May 25.


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