Russo Brothers Officially Producing Disney’s Live-Action Hercules

Russo Brothers Officially Producing Disney’s Live-Action Hercules

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Word had just recently come out that Disney was working on a live-action adaptation of Hercules, and one of the directors being eyed for the helm was the Russo brothers. What’s great is, the film is definitely in development, and the Russos are attached, but not as directors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe and Anthony Russo are set to produce the live-action Hercules movie under their AGBO banner. No director has been announced, but the script for the film will be coming from Shang-Chi and Expendables writer Dave Callaham.

While rumor had it that the Russos were in line to direct, the same source had also said that Disney was eyeing Jon Favreau and Gore Verbinski to helm. Personally, I would like Verbinski to take on the film, seeing as he has an eye for spectacle; and no offense to Favreau, but after Jungle Book and The Lion King, I think it’s time for someone else to play with the Disney sandbox.

As a big fan of Hercules, I think it’s absolutely essential that the movie manages to nail the comedy and the epic action scenes. Hercules will be going up against several of Hades monsters, and it would be cool to see more of that, seeing as the original animated film just skims over it.

As far as casting goes, the movie is still far from it, but I would love to see James Woods and Danny DeVito reprise the roles of Hades and Phil respectively. As for Herc, I think Chris Pratt would be a fun choice, then again, I’m open for any muscular guy who can pull off being a ‘nice idiot’. Maybe Dacre Montgomery? You think Disney would be up for Aubrey Plaza to play Meg?

No release date has been set for Hercules, but Mulan is aiming for a release in July.


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