Rumor: Henry Cavill Appearing in Shazam! After All?

By Mr. Greg Universe

October 24, 2018

Last month, Henry Cavill made headlines when a rumor came around that he was no longer playing the DCEU’s Superman. For now, it looks like the rumor was actually false, and now word has it that Cavill is set to make an appearance in next year’s Shazam!.

This comes from The Nerd Rage Podcast on Twitter:

So, The Story on Superman:
We're hearing that Henry Cavill will fulfill his final contractual obligation as Superman in a post credits scene in Shazam. This will be WB's way of judging audience engagement with Cavill as the Man of Steel. #Superman #Shazam #DCFilms

— The Nerd Rage Podcast (@TheNerdRagePod) October 24, 2018

When rumors started to spread that Cavill was out of the role, it was said that he was supposed to make an appearance in Shazam! but he couldn’t find time in his schedule. Now with Shazam! set to undergo three weeks of reshoots this November, it’s possible that Cavill has found the time to work out another appearance as Superman.

Rumor has it that Cavill’s cameo was supposed to be as Clark Kent, and he would have a small interaction with Billy implying that he knows that he’s Shazam. Personally, I would have liked an interaction between Superman and Shazam in full costume, but I’m fine with just the teaser.

It was said that Cavill had taken the lead role of The Witcher because he was quitting as Superman for the DCEU, but I think the more accurate report would be that WB has no Superman projects in active development, so Cavill has nothing to do but find work elsewhere.

If anything, I would just be happy to know that we have him as Superman for a couple more years. I think his characterization is perfect. It’s just the case with the way that Superman has been written.

Catch Shazam! in theaters April 5, 2019.