Robert Pattinson Tries to Explain Batman’s ‘No Killing’ Rule

Robert Pattinson Tries to Explain Batman’s ‘No Killing’ Rule

Though Batman has a very infamous “no killing” rule, multiple iterations of him have bent the rule several times; not only with Ben Affleck’s Batman, but with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight as well. With Robert Pattinson’s upcoming take on the Caped Crusader, he explains how he portrays Batman’s number one rule onscreen.

Talking to Premiere (via ComicBookMovie), Pattinson explained, “There is this rule with Batman: he must not kill. It can be interpreted in two ways… Either he only wants to inflict the appropriate punishment, or he wants to kill and his self-control prevents him from doing so.”

Granted, this is a more gruff take on the character than previous iterations, and while we got an up-and-coming Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, Bale’s Bruce Wayne was still very much allowed to access his wealth. Pattinson’s version is going to different in a sense that he won’t have such a lavish lifestyle on the other side. This Batman practically lives in the gutter. He’s nowhere at home except on the street when he’s wearing the suit,” said Pattinson, I could only play a superhero if he was really dirty!”

I’m really loving Pattinson’s attitude toward the character, and I’m excited to see just what kind of Batman he’s going to be bringing to the big screen. Though I am bummed that we won’t be getting any more Batfleck, I’m confident Pattinson’s take on the Dark Knight is going to be original and have its own unique voice.

Catch The Batman when it hits theaters on March 4.


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