Rian Johnson On His Upcoming Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson On His Upcoming Star Wars Trilogy

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One of the most common criticisms for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was that the movie was too “safe” and it was clear that J.J. Abrams was trying to adhere to some strict guidelines when making the film. Rian Johnson, however, took the formula to a whole new level, and gave us The Last Jedi. Johnson is also set to make his new trilogy for Lucasfilm, and it’s said that he has even more freedom when it comes to this movie.

Talking to the Observer, Johnson explains:

“I think that the fun and challenging part of it is to dive in, figure out what’s exciting and then figure out what it’s going to be… We’re doing something that steps beyond the legacy characters. What does that look like? To me, the blue sky element of it is what was most striking about it. I know the way that I’m coming at it and what’s fun about it for everyone in George Lucas’ films is figuring out, ‘What’s the next step?’ It really makes you think and figure out what the essence of Star Wars is for me and what that will look like moving forward.”

For now, it looks like Lucasfilm is going to be working on the movies from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss first, but after the backlash with Game of Thrones 8, some fans are now hoping that it’s Johnson who gets priority.

Though there are still a lot of TLJ naysayers online, the hard fact is that most of the fanbase actually loved the film. For some reason, it was just the haters that were more vocal online. Personally I loved The Last Jedi, and I was kind of bummed that Johnson didn’t end up returning for TROS.

It may be a while before we get to see Johnson jump back into Star Wars, but you can catch his next movie, Knives Out, when it hits theaters Nov. 27.


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