Rian Johnson Gives Watchmen His Seal of Approval

Rian Johnson Gives Watchmen His Seal of Approval

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No matter how many times you bash The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson is still a distinguished filmmaker, and he’s made some great films outside of Star Wars like Knives Out and Looper. With HBO offering their Watchmen series to watch for free to help promote the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Johnson has come out on Twitter to give the show his solid recommendation.

Check it out:

Though the show had come out back in 2019, a lot of people consider it extremely relevant today, especially with its themes on power and racism. I think what’s great about the show is that Damon Lindelof was able to take real historical tragedies like the Tulsa Race Massacre, and incorporate it into the overall story. He even found a way to make other heroes in the original comic surprisingly nuanced.

Admittedly, there are some people online who have been bashing on the show, and if you ask me, they’re coming from a camp of folks who want “politics out of comics” and “want to stop the SJW propaganda.  I mean, if you complain about how white supremacy is tackled in the series, then I think you’re part of the problem.

I also think it’s kind of funny how Rian Johnson would give this show his recommendation, seeing as The Last Jedi was also something that was adored by critics but hated on by “fans”.

Though HBO’s offer to screen Watchmen for free has expired, you can still check out the show on the available channels.


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